What is PayU?

PayU is a leading payment gateway system which helps businesses sell their goods and services online by accelerating revenues and integrating a top online payment solution. With PayU online shops get a simple, fast and safe way for accepting online payments enabled by Visa, Mastercard and all major card issuers. This system gives you the option of paying by credit card or bank transfer while the payment recipient doesn’t need to have a bank account to be able to receive money through internet.

How does PayU work?

  • To make transactions via PayU first you must be registered
  • Payment is made via credit card, debit card, bank transfer
  • PayU confirms payment by sending an e-mail to both money sender and recipient
  • The recipient for accepting the payment and then dispose of the money must be registered in PayU system.

Our manual and automatic anti fraud verification system industry certified with PCI DSS Level 1 stands as a warranty that all your clients are protected for potential fraud. PayU combines innovative solutions, security and technological reliability, offering proven support for e-business. The main goal is to integrate existing online payment services and develop new ones while offering tools for facilitating e-commerce activity through world wide web.

This is a complete scalable solution tested and recommended by online businesses around the world allowing you to benefit from multiple payment methods, flexible term bank settlement, business technical support, marketing reporting modules, automatic notifications and a reconciliation system.

With PayU you get access to international markets, the latest technologies and group resources with operations all over the world. Ready to integrate APIs for all major shopping carts are available allowing you to boost your sales fast through our cutting edge features such as dynamic switching, intelligent retry framework, mobile optimised payment.

PayU offers a white label solution to help you store your client’s data. This comes to aid your returning customer in doing a fast checkout simply by entering their CVV and 3-D secure password and increase customer relation.