Google Custom Search

What is Google Custom Search?

For searching the entire web Google has replaced the old Search API with Google Custom Search offering high quality search experience for your users. It allows developers to tailor the search interaction in your project to fit your users needs, using the same search index technology that powers Google with accurate and super fast results.

Website's Site Search

With Google Custom Search you can increase your visitor’s satisfaction with an easy-to-use site search enabling you to have your website searchable in no time. Thanks to Google Custom Search you can search over numerous websites relevant to your topic at the same time.

Topical Site Search

Topical search engine is an engine that targets on a particular topic. Google Custom Search enables you to include multiple websites in the same engine as it covers a part of the whole Web rather than a particular website.

It allows performing a very precise and robust advanced search using the standard search engine, by choosing the right keywords, using search operators and some filtering results. It allows guiding the user through the search process and discover important resources in the chosen domain very easy.

Providing structured data

To bring users the right format information in the correct format use the power of Structured Data and Google extracts a wide variety of structured data from web pages, which is easy for humans to read but more difficult for PC’s to understand. Some web pages have information with greater structure which is easy to read. The thing is that a computer can not interpret what is in a web page as it does not understand how the information is structured. Google Search has its own algorithm and policies for determining what information is public for users, so structured data might not be displayed in Google Search results.

What is Google Custom Search?

Thanks to Google Custom Search you can create a search engine for your website, blog or collection of websites, allowing you to configure your engine to search either images or web pages. You are allowed to add promotions and customize the search results. Monetize the search by connecting your engine to a Google AdSense account. Google Custom Search is offered in two editions: Custom Search Engine and Google Site Search